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Katsumi's story of birth, death, and resurrection.

A story of War, Revolution, and a Bitter Peace.

A story of unity and betrayal.

A story of hardship and triumph.

A story of monsters and humanity.

The story inside of all of us.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New site under construction for Project Logos

This website is currently closed for redevelopment. Past posts are available in the archives. Thankyou for your patience.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


With the project of "pure garbage" underway, sleep has become a secondary indulgence similar to a crutch. It is past 4 am and I'm awaiting the birth of the better half of the former project called ZEROMESSIAH.

It was nice knowing you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Prime Mover

Motivation is something that few talk about and even fewer have. It's something that people don't think about until they really need it.

The planet is dying and global warming has ravaged its surface creating strange weather events and even stranger responses. "It's the wrath of god!!!" the people scream. "It's the planet killing us off for our crimes against nature!"

Just as the people cried for the occultation so to do the masses cry for the cycle that the ancient Myans knew was coming long ago! This is only the tip of the iceberg, but we have a ways to go...

Meanwhile the elite lets us all think this is true even perpetuating this Santa Claus like myth with all of the zeal and fervor imaginable.

If it causes the sheeple to finally pick up after themselves, who are we to stop them.

Maybe even they will clean up our mess as well... Lol.

This scenario reminds me of a time when I was a little kid.

I was a precocious youth gallivanting around the house like the sugared up version of a drunken asshole at a club. I was making noise and making my then single mother's life a living hell. She was stricken with grief at the fact that her son was turning out to be such a little turd in the punch-bowl. Quickly without delay she came up with what was in that moment an empty threat.

"Son, if you aren't going to behave I'm going to hire a tow truck driver to pick you up by the seat of your pants to haul you away like the junk you are!"

I laughed and laughed and laughed like all children would. Little did I know what was ahead of me.

Later that day out in the distance of the front door I heard the sound of a loud car horn. Being the nosy little shit that I was I ran to the door, and low and behold to my dismay what unholy visage of horrors did I witness from the little peaky window, but that very same tow truck driver my mother had imagined!

As I peered outside the window he saw me freaking out at the window as he waited at the intersection of our humble corner house. He smiled a devilish redneck smile and pulled his cord to blare the horn at me. I ran crying, screaming and hid under the bed. My mother called me for dinner but I kept hiding. When she'd gotten to my room she found me balling under the bed.

"What's the matter?" My mother was confused, as it was unusual for me to cry like this.

"Please, please don't send me away, I'll be good I promise!

"Son, what the fuck are you talking about?"

I pointed outside the window at the trucker still at the busy intersection, and with horror I gasped.

"You called the tow truck driver and now I'm going to be sent away!"

A peal of laughter roared up from my mother like the guffaw of a whore in church.

This is exactly the reason why the Illuminati make such great parents.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Conversations with an old friend. MAILBAG COMING SOON!

This is exactly what I have been getting at.

Mathematics is that language that unites and understands all things.

Biometric IDs just measure our imperfections against the GOLDEN ratio.

It exists in all things.


Every thing that exists can be simplified by a mathematical expression.

Chemistry is math, can't cook without it.

Physics is math, can't build anything without it.

It even explains "aliens" and "demons". It also explains the inner workings of higher forms of technology (magic).

What you need to know about most abduction experiences could easily be explained here in the video above.

This is the HOW explanation, notice how it differs from the WHY explanation below:

Notice how the WHY explanation has an agenda. It creates a FEAR mentality. It reinforces an US v.s THEM mentality. It does not however explain anything about HOW it works or HOW he came to really experience this.

I saw things I can't explain, but obviously I'm still here for a reason. I think we all have seen things we cannot explain. This is the first topic for MAILBAG.

Write about something you have seen that has no explanation mathematically or scientifically.

Remember it has to be something weird...


No fake ass shit. This is the point of the 2nd blog.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Glorious future: Cellular Stimoceivers

We have here in this very blog outlined the framework for the true patriot. In this thesis I will tell you exactly how to create one. This is not a rousing speech to promote the ideas of god, country and apple pie Americana, nor is it science fiction in the sense of a fairy tale with laser popguns and flying automobiles. This is either a direct application of present technologies that does not exist in this fashion of use, or the proposed application of technologies not known to exist in the common sphere.

In the past various methods have been utilized to create an obedient citizenry among the masses. We have been caught up in the struggle of becoming parent, provider, and police to the whim of the citizen.  We have utilized various means and methods at our disposal. We have used things to influence such as the media to appeal to reason and stimulate appetites and desires. We have implemented direct control mechanisms as police and military. We have created reward centers through civic participation such as the churches, and lodges. We create a sense of belonging for the common man through ritual and tradition such as church, holidays, sporting events and the like. Helpful devices such as the ring tone, time clock and school bells work in our favor as well.

Even in this paradise of modern convenience we have the alternatives and rebels who scoff at the idea of social order and conventional standards of morality and conduct. The teen rebels who have succumbed to the identifying process of marketing are not the ones I am talking about. Their responses have been cataloged through social media such as a trend on Facebook. Nor am I talking about the protester who has been recognized by camera data, or the ones who blindly follow Anonymous.

The order from the chaos of the day will be from the heart of the absentee. You may be asking how the absentee is such a problem, or whether or not this kind of individual is such a problem at all. In this day and age of almost complete knowledge of a persons conduct and whereabouts the ability to track, identify, and predict ones actions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is almost given to us. By simply tracking your cellphone data most of your life's activity comes into view.

In a typical day one awakens to the tone of their cellphone. The alarm awakens them from sleep and subtracting the time taken to eat, shower and cover the biological for the morning, on embarks upon the morning commute. When we leave for work there may be a traffic jam. Quickly we seek to find an alternate route from our home address and using our job site as the destination we use the GPS function on our phone to direct us through another route. During this we are notified that we have a post on Facebook from another friend posting a meme.

Upon arrival we check our Emails and Facebook accordingly responding to mail and posts created by others. After this we put our phones away to begin our shift using them occasionally throughout the day. After work our friend invites us out to a new restaurant for food and drink. Once again we plug it into the GPS and locate the restaurant. Once there our phone's WI-FI picks up an incentive coupon for the companies online access. As we approach the bar we meet a new friend. In this excited and inebriated state we are quick to take a selfsame photograph and post it to our Facebook post about what great times we had. We stay till closing time and leave for home. The new friend chats with us online before we pass out for work again setting our alarm.

The work itself is not important to this observation, only the phone use itself. Remember we are assuming the role of the digital detective in this thought experiment. This is but a sample of the information available to me through the use of computers. Your apps alone tell me your needs, desires, location, and activity. An example of this is the work of retired New York police officer Steve Rambam included here.

The alarm tells me the time they will awaken and the time when the last alarm was set tells me when they were probably winding down last night. The GPS tracks the subject and locates their residence and destination, in this case work. The meme is an identifier tag to track the individuals likes and dislikes and to track responses to it as a stimulus. The Emails and Facebook act to create a digital profile of the individual over time and to record correspondences for future use. Productivity in the office/work environment is observed and tracked by key loggers and cameras. The GPS tracker in phones can also be used passively to track your location within the building cross referenced with the security cameras using the phones number as its native tag. The restaurant location is tracked as well through the WI-FI and accepting the coupon creates an online profile of the user for the business in question to create a tailor made marketing strategy based on your web activity, location, purchase history and search history. The selfsame photo creates an identifier for where you have been and creates a witness out of the second party in the picture. Incidentally the tag photo function within Facebook constructs this witness/alibi relationship. Pictures received from Cellular phones and digital cameras are time stamped upon creation further creating evidence of time and place. Any comments associated with the post create even more searchable data within the data archive.

Time is short before we embark upon this glorious future for humankind. One in which self determination of the individual is replaced with joyful service to the governing body. We will no longer be beholden to this struggle for order, but through modern science and transistor technologies, we will finally have the governance we desire.

The single most useful piece of technology in the consistent programming and tracking of society has been the Smartphone. It tells me where you are, what you're doing, and how to market to you. In short it tells me everything. Instead of ratting out the remotely controlled individual, Why not simply remote control the rat itself?

At this point I would assume that one will arise among you that seeks to champion the cause of ethical treatment of the individual. I simply would ask that individual to strip themselves of their technology and byproducts thereof and kindly live in a hut in the woods. Technology or artifice is the process of man controlling his environment and domesticating the animals and plants around him to suit his needs. There is no place for ethics when technology is concerned, only function in respect to fuel consumption and natural order. It is at this juncture that it is necessary to separate man from animal. Man is that which takes control of his environment, animal is that which is in response to his environment. Even among animals an alpha must exist and will persist. In this thesis I do not define the alpha but define the subject as its opposite.

An example of this is the conditioned responses of the rat and his whiskers using the pleasure center as a reward mechanism. We are able to make anyone do anything and enjoy their servitude.

I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms how to create a subject that not only loves their servitude, but how to create a subject that is obedient to the point of self termination. There will be outlined the process for Remote control, Direct input programming, Indirect input programming, Symbolic rails, Interference training, and Handlers. Everything you need to control the ultimate patriot. I am not a surgeon however so I do not have the expertise at this time to lend to the subject of the device implantation. However, I am willing to produce an update to this document if such a person arises.

Remote control is the direct control of motor functions using a radio transmitter interrupt and pilot mechanism. Like the rat shown above one can be made to feel nerve impulses, but this requires conditioning and will lead to noticeable ticks and twitches in the subject. The use of Stimoceivers has existed since the 1950s as a way to control the conditioned responses of an individual wirelessly, and is nothing new at all. The idea promoted here is the use of a cellular band Stimoceiver with a chipset that can record and playback command data in either peripheral control or audio visual formats. In this way we can aviod the ticks and create a reward profile based on the achievement of desired outcomes. If we can train a dog to salivate at the ring of a bell then imagine what we can do with simple inaudible frequencies through the transmitter.

Direct input programming is defined as the psychological process of in-person programming of the subject using mind control techniques outlined within projects such as Monarch and MK-Ultra. As such the methods are too numerous to discuss here. Simply put this direct relationship is primitive and to be avioded due to the potential to discover the true handler or surgeon implanting the Stimoceiver. Although highly effective methods do exist within these sciences, accidents have occurred of the awakened. In the case of these individuals one might find it prudent to place a kill-switch in the form of a poison caplet within the Stimoceiver to cause a self destruct should the subject regain or develop total control. Raising the subject from birth could in theory create a better implantation and conditioning during brain development but as such more information exists on the adult brain.

Indirect programming is the use of Device transmission means using the radio transmission device or the use of media and symbolism. You can create a conditioned response to the media as well using the reward mechanism to create a symbolic link. Adolescence is the perfect time for example to create fetishes and sexual response coding. Motor skills during child hood development could be en-trained for example for gymnastics or martial arts.

Symbolic rails means the use of symbolism in art and media for the use of setting mental landmarks for passive behaviors. It could be as simple as setting up a post-traumatic flashback when certain triggering symbols arise, or something as complicated as a trail of breadcrumbs leading one into the hands of knowing handlers. Symbolic rails are guideposts that reference commands and are the true memes we use everyday to get to where we are going and define ourselves socially and psychologically.

Interference training is a way to train the subject to develop a backlash mechanism against unwanted instructions as defined by the Handlers. Interference in this case is defined as radio interference, hacks, and unwanted instructions by others through direct contact. Radio interference could produce unwanted signals like any transmitter can receive. Imagine having a detailed hypnotic induction go haywire and picking up the signal of a local radio station or another cellphone call in the Stimoceiver. This method of induction control is only programmable in two ways. Either a protocol of a carrier signal that constantly checks the transmission for a digital undertone to continue continued transmission, or if the development is not available the use of a constant similar voice for all transmission standardized in the same way as a Kurzweil reader.

Handlers are simply the controller involved in the direction of the subject behaviors as defined by the desired outcomes. The controller could either be man or machine to automate the process such as industrial production. They would be in control of the transmission, direct input to the subject's body such as remote control and pleasure centers, as well as the use of microphones located in the ear canal, GPS, optic nerve data driven by the receiver. They would in theory be able to control the subject totally.

Practical application and conclusion:

The market exists for a lifelike android robot world wide. Through the conditioning of science fiction, man has been programmed by science fiction to accept slavery in machine form. The subject will be bred and marketed using fabricator birthing units who are sexually stimulated and used for the implanted fetuses of the best human cultures devised by eugenics. The subject marketed will be marketed as an android that is lifelike in all ways but will be altered by plastic surgery to be less than human in appearance until the point is realized that the evolution of the product is accepting of the unaltered human subjects. Nano technology will allow home breeder units to bear offspring to the unsuspecting customer that are also fully controllable by the same Stimoceiver means. Humanity will in effect fuck themselves out of a place at the table when fully controlled "androids" are ready and willing to submit to the customers every whim, sexual or otherwise.

In other words, Chobits is the last step in human evolution. The mind-controlled slave is the final outcome of all civilizations. The future is not a boot stamping on a human face forever, but a society whose panties are gagging their mouths masturbating until death takes them.